Wooden Russian houses

In the ХVIII-XIX century peasants in Russia in winter had nothing to do. Coldly. The Snow. Neither plow, nor sow it is impossible was. And from nothing to do the muzhiks had dreamed up patterns and had carved these patterns in wood, and when spring had came, they had decorated them their own homes. The best drawings of patterns and designs of homes had been recorded on CDs and had been transmitted from generation to generation. From grandfather to father, from father to son and so on.

On the website lepota-3d.com are presented 3d models of wooden houses from the CDs our family. All models are given in several color performances. Each color performance includes several pictures and one video.


House-1. Red-yellow House-1. Yellow-green House-1. Cream-chocolate House-1. White-blue


House-2. Yellow-green House-2. Red-yellow House-2. Cream-chocolate House-2. White-blue


House-3. Cream-chocolate House-3. Yellow-green House-3. White-blue House-3. Red-yellow


House-4. Red-white House-4. Yellow-brown House-4. White-blue House-4. Yellow-green


House-5. Yellow-green House-5. Cream-chocolate House-5. White-blue House-5. Ripe-crimson


House-6. White-blue House-6. Yellow-green House-6. Ripe-crimson House-6. Cream-chocolate


House-7. Red-yellow House-7. Yellow-green House-7. Cream-chocolate House-7. White-blue


House-8. Red-yellow House-8. Yellow-green House-8. Yellow-brown House-8. Violet


House-9. Ripe-crimson House-9. Yellow-green House-9. Yellow House-9. White-blue


House-10. Red-white House-10. Yellow-green House-10. Yellow House-10. White-blue

Houses 11-14